All Bouncers must complete our Waiver (Acceptance of Terms) before bouncing, we recommend completing this on-line prior to arrival.

Please note: if you wish your 4 years or under child to use the main arena, an adult must supervise them at all times and must purchase an adult ticket.

Bouncers are required to wear socks at all times, bare feet are not permitted.

All bounce sessions once booked are none refundable.

You must complete our Waiver (Acceptance of Terms) before you can bounce. You can do this online before you come to The Bounce NE LTD. If you are unable to do that, please allow extra time to do it when you arrive.

Please arrive well in advance of your booked time. You need to allow 20 minutes to ensure you are booked in and have read the safety notice.

All customers must follow all safety procedures as set out in our waiver and safety notices.

You must wear socks at all times. The Bounce House NE ltd do not provide socks so you must bring them with you. Bare feet are not permitted on our inflatable.

Please be aware any children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult on site at all times (adult does not need to pay unless participating in session).

When you book a party, you must pay a minimum of £50.00 deposit. The balance must be paid seven days before the date of the party. We ask that you confirm final numbers at that time. Also note that we have a 72 hour cancellation policy. No refund will be given for any cancellations within this period.


Please read


I acknowledge that my participation in The Bounce House NE Ltd activities and use of The Bounce House NE Ltd facilities entail known and unknown risks, which could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death or injury to myself, third parties and property. I understand that these risks cannot be eliminated from the activity. The risks include and are not limited risks of cuts and bruises, participants falling off the equipment, sprained ankles and more serious injuries. Moving between locations increases the chance of any manner of transportation accidents. Any of these activities can cause serious injury and is at the participants own risk. In any event, if you or your child is injured, medical assistance may be necessary. The Bounce House NE Ltd staff seeks safety in all events however they may be unaware of participants’ abilities or fitness and are not infallible.

The participants warrant that they do not have any medical condition or have not had a medical condition which may make them participating in the activities dangerous, increase risk of injury to them or third parties. To the best of my knowledge, I am not pregnant.

I agree to accept and assume responsibility for all of the risks existing in this activity. I choose to participate in this activity voluntarily in spite of the risks.

The participant warrants they will comply with any weight, height or age restrictions that may be in place and will only carry out moves and tricks that are within their ability level and of which they are able to retain control of at all times. Moves and tricks are at the participants own risk.

Should The Bounce House NE Ltd or anyone acting on their behalf, incur legal fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to indemnify and hold them harmless for all such fees and costs.

If the participant is a minor, I agree that this Release of Liability and Assumption of risk Agreement is made on behalf of that minor participant and that all of the releases and waivers herein are binding on that minor participant to this agreement.

The participant acknowledges they have been provided with the necessary safety instructions by the company in relation to the activities and warrant that they will comply with these at all times whilst on the premises and agree to wear suitable footwear (full socks or ankle socks).

I agree that this Release shall apply to all visits within the next 12 months by me and my minor participant in full.

The participant consents and agrees to the use by The Bounce House NE Ltd of CCTV monitoring for training, health and safety and security purposes. The Bounce House NE consents to the participant and members of their group undertaking photography for their own non commercial purposes only and for no other purpose whatsoever.

The participant for themselves and as parent or legal guardian of any accompanying children gives consent and agrees to The Bounce House NE Ltd photographing and/or recording the participant and any accompanying children and to use any such photographs and/or recording solely and only for The Bounce House NE Ltd advertising and promotional purposes. The participant for themselves and any accompanying minors hereby waives any right to inspect or approve the use of any such material and acknowledges and agrees that the rights to us such material shall not require payment or compensation of any kind to be made by The Bounce House NE Ltd to the participant and/or any accompanying children.

In consideration of being permitted by The Bounce House NE Ltd to participate in its activities and to use its equipment both now and in the future, I hereby agree to release, indemnify and forever discharge The Bounce House NE Ltd, its agents, directors, partners, owners, employees, volunteers, manufacturers, participants, lessors, affiliates, its subsidiaries, related and affiliated entities, successors and assigns, on behalf of myself, my spouse, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate as above.

By signing below or ticking the box on the accompanying form, I acknowledge that if any participant is hurt during participation in this activity, I may be found by a court of law to have waived my or the minor participants right to maintain a lawsuit against The Bounce House NE Ltd or any released parties. I have had sufficient opportunity to read this document and have read and understood it.

I understand that failure to comply with these measures will result in termination of my session.

Please make sure you have read and agree to the Safety Rules

  • DO NOT bounce of the hatched marked area at the front of the arena.  THIS IS FOR ENTRY AND EXIT ONLY!
  • Socks MUST be worn at ALL TIMES!
  • No climbing on the walls between activities or around the outside of the arena.
  • NO rough play, wrestling, tackling or shoving.
  • NO sitting or lying on the inflatables.
  • No Jumping from the top of the climbing wall
  • NO food, drink or chewing gum is allowed in the arena.
  • NO bouncing under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Remove ALL items from pockets, including keys before entering the arena.
  • NO belt buckles, studs on clothing or jewellery.
  • DO NOT leave clothing lying on the arena.
  • DO NOT participate if you are pregnant or are suffering from any injuries.

In the event that any inflatable section starts to deflate, please exit the arena quickly and calmly using the nearest exit and inform a member of staff.

As soon as the issue is resolved and the inflatables are fully refilled you will be able to re-enter the arena, but only do so when told by a member of staff that it is safe to do so.

The Bounce House NE Ltd are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to personal belongings whilst at The bounce house NE.

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